Tech Tools For Collaborative Offices

When you work in a collaborative office environment, passing documents back and forth with the use of email or staying updated on the status of a project can be confusing and can bring about mistakes if not managed properly. You can avoid this and stay on top of projects with easily shared documents and calendars. This is the instance in which technology tools can be of great importance. More so in the era of cloud storage, it can be very easy for many team members to do a collaboration on a project without having to create redundant files or losing track of the current updates.

In a joint office, you have to track tasks you are doing both as a person and as a team. To that end, its useful to have a shared calendar. In a little environment, a paper-based calendar or a white board might be sufficient, but it is much convenient to get an electronic calendar. The advantage of using a calendar software is that they are very easy to share with a lot of individuals.

Google calendar is a very great free online calendar. For people who use Mac, iCal is a good choice. Outlook calendars can be shared among Microsoft Outlook users as well. You can also find other web based calendars available which give you the capacity of creating multiple calendars for various projects, give duties to particular group members and also manage a customized master calendar that applies to each unique person`s duties. Read More here!

The other useful tool for joint offices is the ability to share documents. If there is something that is being developed and you want other individuals in your group to have a look or edit, you can use the sharing tools for sharing documents such as Google docs which will enable you to share documents with a lot of individuals easily. You can also share audio as well as video files. 

In case your office is audio-visually inclined, there are plenty of devices that can be of help in sharing items such as movies, music or even pictures. There are also devices at which can allow you to stream things from various devices in your office.

There are others which are not expensive. They have big storage capacities which can hold a lot of files such as movies, music, and images. It connects to your network and allows you to stream things amongst all your computers. Streaming allows for the cutting down on a lot of clutter meaning you will not need DVDs and CD's scattered all over the office. Check out to learn more about office tools.