Tools to Make You Productive at the Office

Many new online tools have made it easier for office members to communicate, plan their works, assign duties and hold themselves accountable. These tools have improved productivity, efficiency, and collaboration among department members.

One type of device is a Workflow ax which helps employees to keep track of the time they have spent on various duties and be accountable for their work. Users have also been able to build their timeline for special projects and view productivity analytics in the program. This has helped employees to be time keepers and organized and has also helped businesses to save on cost. There is also a tool known as Pocket that helps one to keep links that may be distracting or useful articles while working. A simple button is usually installed onto one's web browser using an extension then use it to save items for later use. This helps employees to avoid procrastination and be productive.

There is also Cyfe which helps one organize data in one place to help employees keep track of everything going on in the office. Another tool is a Trello which serves the same purpose as a to-do list that employees use to easily keep track of their tasks, and ensure that they have accomplished what they had planned for the day. This enables employees to be very productive in completing their duties. There is also 1Password that allows one to store all their passwords securely and can auto-enter the specific password for a selected site or program. This helps users to have a peace of mind and not worry that they will forget their password and saves them time. It also helps them avoid coming up with simple passwords that hackers can easily guess. Click here to know more!

Office 365 is a Microsoft product that has features like email management, file sharing and online meetings, which are in incredible arrays for office productivity. There is also OneDrive that provides rooms with a cloud storage solution. There is Connect team, a branded employee app, which is used for communication and much more. It helps remote employees who do not have office privileges upload files, view work schedules, create informational libraries and train for new officer positions. For more details about office tools, visit .

Other tools include a personal dry erase board for daily to-dos to put down quick thoughts that pop in one's mind, a pot holding happiness inducing plants because happiness leads to productivity, an app that adjusts the brightness of a computer screen to minimize straining of eyes, etc. Click here to get started!